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Welcome to Mitteilerei!

An attention economy shapes our era: in the daily flood of information, only those providing relevant information will prevail.

This communication flow is not a one-way street. It’s not just about pushing a message into the market – it’s about an open dialogue with the community one seeks to address.

This increasingly involves blending business and private tones, professional information exchange, and entertainment – this is what „communitainment“ is all about.

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Mitteilerei(*) is an editorial office located in Kinding, Germany, focussing on:

(*) What does „Mitteilerei“ mean? Babelfish won’t help you much here – it’s a pun, a play on words: In German, „mitteilen“ means „to communicate“, „to inform“, „to let someone know“. The postfix „-erei“ indicates an old-fashioned, pre-industrialization store or shop, equivalent to „-ery“ in „bakery“. The word „mitteilen“ also contains the root „teilen“ as well as „mit“, which translates into „to share with“. Thus, „Mitteilerei“ – pronounced „mitt-tyle-uh-rye“ – roughly translates into „That little ol‘ shop around the corner selling information you can share“. There is also an ironic subtext: In German, the postfix „-erei“ can be attached to verbs to make them a noun implying „plenty of“ something or „all that“ something, yet with a slightly dismissive connotation, as in: „You kids now stop all that information-sharing and go out and play! It’s sunny outside.“ Well, I guess that’s enough mitteilerei about „Mitteilerei“. 😉

IT Journalism

Since 2001, I have been working for Germany’s leading networking publication LANline. I cover a variety of topics for LANline, ranging from network management to datacenter management, endpoint panagement, service management, and security, and on to aspects such as digital workspaces, cloud computing, the internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). You can find numerous examples of my journalistic activities at

PR Content

Beyond my activities as an IT journalist, I also offer content creation and ghostwriting for the IT industry. I create custom content in German or English such as:

  • technical articles for print and online
  • whitepapers
  • blog posts
  • social media content (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • marketing content (brochures, booklets, etc.)


For more entertainment-oriented communications with customers, partners, and corporate staff, I offer – at times in cooperation with freelance artist Wolfgang Traub and animation studio Animatz – the creation of customized and, if so desired, CI-compliant communitainment content such as:

  • blog posts
  • social media content
  • cartoons
  • comic books
  • animated films (whiteboard and cut-out animation as well as fully animated film)

In 2015, a selection of my satirical communitainment writings was published in a book titled „Was Sie schon immer über das BÖSE Internet wissen wollten, aber nie zu fragen wagten“ („Everything you always wanted to know about the BAD internet, but were afraid to ask“). This paperback is out of print by now, but I will gladly provide a PDF copy upon request. As its original title indicates, the book is in German though, I’m afraid.

About Me

From 1994 up to my Ph.D. graduation in 1997 (my Ph.D. paper covered Hollywood movies), I was a member of the teaching staff at the „Amerika-Institut“ of Munich’s university LMU. After a short stunt at one of Munich’s IT PR agencies, I started working as an IT journalist in 1999, and have been writing for LANline since 2001. In September 2009, I switched to freelance IT journalism by founding my own editorial office, Mitteilerei. Since that same year, I have also been collaborating with freelance artist Wolfgang Traub on communitainment content creation.


Mitteilerei Dr. Wilhelm Greiner
Am Kreuzberg 6
D-85125 Kinding
Phone: +49-160-80-19-886
E-Mail: wilhelm (dot) greiner (at) mitteilerei (dot) de
You can follow me on Twitter (tweets are in German or English): @wgreiner