Welcome to Mitteilerei!

An attention economy shapes our era: in the daily flood of information, only those providing relevant information will prevail.

This communication flow is not a one-way street. It’s not just about pushing a message into the market – it’s about an open dialogue with the community one seeks to address.

This increasingly involves blending business and private tones, professional information exchange, and entertainment – this is what „communitainment“ is all about.

Mitteilerei Logo

Mitteilerei(*) is an editorial office located in Kinding, Germany, focussing on:

  • specialized IT journalism
  • creation of sophisticated PR material
  • communitainment in business environments

(*) What does „Mitteilerei“ mean? Babelfish won’t help you much here – it’s a pun, a play on words: In German, „mitteilen“ means „to communicate“, „to inform“, „to let someone know“. The postfix „-erei“ indicates an old-fashioned, pre-industrialization store or shop, equivalent to „-ery“ in „bakery“. The word „mitteilen“ also contains the root „teilen“ as well as „mit“, which translates into „to share with“. Thus, „Mitteilerei“ – pronounced „mitt-tyle-uh-rye“ – roughly translates into „That little ol‘ shop around the corner selling information you can share“. There is also an ironic subtext: In German, the postfix „-erei“ can be attached to verbs to make them a noun implying „plenty of“ something or „all that“ something, yet with a slightly dismissive connotation, as in: „You kids now stop all that information-sharing and go out and play! It’s sunny outside.“ Well, I guess that’s enough mitteilerei about „Mitteilerei“. 😉

Contact Info:
Mitteilerei Dr. Wilhelm Greiner
Am Kreuzberg 6
D-85125 Kinding
Phone: +49-160-80-19-886
E-Mail: wilhelm (dot) greiner (at) mitteilerei (dot) de

A selection of my communitainment satires (in German, I’m afraid) was published in 2015 as a paperback by ITP Verlag (out of print by now, sorry).
Twitter (tweets are in German or English): https://twitter.com/wgreiner